Workbenches are available in two categories;

         Pallet Racking workbenches, these are ideal for industrial applications. This product comes with 18mm or 25mm MDF options and can also be fitted with a steel workbench top.

         Long Span workbenches, these are a lighter grade workbench that are available in a wider range of sizes and configurations. These are also available with an 18mm or 25mm MDF option.

Our most popular Pallet Racking workbench has the below configuration:
  • 914mm high
  • 914mm deep
  • 2700mm long (clear shelf)
  • 2 fully adjustable shelves with 18mm MDF
  • 2400kg per shelf load limit based on a evenly distributed load
Note, other heights, depths, lengths and configurations are available upon request along with additional shelves.
High back workbenches are also available, so plastic Bins can be fitted to workbenches to provide additional storage these are attached to louver panels. We are also able to provide workstations upon request.
Work Bench, Heavy Duty
Work Bench, Heavy Duty
Work Bench - High Back
Work Bench - Standard
Our most versatile and popular Long Span workbenches can be configured with the below specifications:
  • 900mm high
  • 445 / 645 / 945mm deep
  • 900 / 1800 / 2400 /2700mm long (clear shelf)
  • 2 fully adjustable shelves with 18mm MDF
  • 250 - 900kg per shelf load limit based on an evenly distributed load


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